Great Solution to solve converting Canon XF300 MXF to FCP generates no audio problem

It almost the defalut option to convert MXF to native Apple ProRes Codec for importing and editing MXF footages without rendering in Final Cut Pro. Using Canon XF Plug-in, you can back up Canon XF300 MXF, or Canon C300/XF100/XF105/XF305 footages with XF Utility and then import MXF footages to Log and Transfer window of FCP. However many times, video and audio problem is still there to cause many annoying headaches. For instance, sound briefly cut out or even only video with no audio at all.

Aunsoft TransMXF Pro for Mac offers a solution to solve Convert Canon XF300 MXF to FCP generates no audio problem, which exports ProRes MOV with perfect audio and video syncronazation. This program with five types of ProRes codecs for FCP- ProRes 422, ProRes 422(LT), ProRes 422(HQ), ProRes 422(proxy), ProRes 444. Besides the excellent MXF video and audio file converter can apply codec to MXF to QuickTime DVCPRO DTSC MOV, iMove MOV, DV MOV, DVCPRO50 MOV, Avid DNxHD MOV.

Below is a tutorial to solve converting Canon XF300 MXF to FCP generates no audio problem with TransMXF Pro for Mac.
Step1. Accurately load Canon MXF to TransMXF Pro for Mac

Canon MXF contains two audio tracks, one with sound but the other with no sound. When you convert MXF file to other formats, you may find the generated formats often with just video but no audio problem. You have two methods to guarantee  converting Canon XF300 MXF to FCP with no audio problem.

Method 1.Re-select audio track

1). On the main interface, click the “Show selected task properties” button on top of the Format box and then select in the Audio Stream ID box a different audio track.

2). Then, you can play Canon XF300 MXF files in the preview window with both audio and video. Meanwhile, the output encoded MOV files will also be with sound.

Method 2.Load whole MXF structure folder

Click “add folder” to load the entire Canon MXF whole structure folder to avoid of missing audio caused by metadata loss. And don’t forget to preview loaded MXF files to ensure it with audio.

Step2. Click the format bar and select “Final Cut Pro -> Apple ProRes 422 HQ (*.mov)” for Final Cut Pro

Click “format”. Under the FCP list, it’s clearly to see favorable formats with accurate description for FCP. Apple ProRes 422 and Apple ProRes 444 is native codec to read MXF in FCP. Apple ProRes 422 HQ is recommended for better video quality.

You can directly text FCP in the search bar, even faster. The user-friendly format bar of TransMXF Pro for Mac will take you less than 30 seconds to select format in this step.

Step3. Click the Settings to set audio and video profile for output MOV

Step4. Click convert button in the main interface to transcode Canon XF300 MXF to ProRes 422 HQ MOV

This MXF audio and video file converter will run conversion at super fast speed. Not for a while, you will get generated MOV with perfect video and audio synchronization for FCP. With just a click on “Open output folder”, you can locate the generated ProRes MOV easily.

If you look for any MXF audio and video file converter or solution about solving Canon XF300 MXF to FCP generated MOV with no audio problem, as well as MXF to QuickTime, MXF to FCE, MXF to Adobe Premiere/Sony Vegas, etc, Aunsoft TransMXF Pro can handle on all of these, effectively and efficiently.

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