Convert MXF to multiple track MOV with Separate 8 audio channels

Now multichannel is more for use in further post work or broadcast. The multitrack project solution to export MXF with Separate 8 audio channels is in high demand. A common problem is that many guys miss the separation of the audio to separate tracks in the MXF file.

Are you troubled by the problem to export separated 8 audio tracks in MXF file? If you have tried this with Adobe Premiere, you will know it’s not an easy thing. For PP always mixes down all audio channels to the channels 1 & 2. The 8 audio channels exists in the exported material, but only  channels 1 & 2 have audio, the rest of the audio from all other tracks are muted/not turned on. Here is a “light” to the multiple audio tracks exporting under the situation that you edit multi-stream MXF file with FCP. Aunsoft TransMXF Pro for Mac, is the only completely Multitrack audio Exporter to preserve, separate and mix multiple audio tracks from original source MXF. No matter MXF footages from Panasonic P2, Canon camcorders are recorded with 2, 4, 8 or more audio tracks, you can easily preserve all tracks or get separated channels of audio in MXF.

With Aunsoft TransMXF Pro for Mac, You can convert MXF to Multi-track ProRes 4444, as well as ProRes 422, ProRes 422 HQ, etc for FCP editing. Besides, you can also export multiple audio streams from MXF to MKV and MP4. Due to the advanced advanced audio and video synchronization technology, you won’t have the problem of audio losing or audio out of sync.

Below is a simple tutorial to encode MXF to multiple track MOV with Separate 8 audio channels.

Step 1: Add MXF files to the Multitrack MXF Exporter

Click “add video” or “add folder” to load multiple audio channels MXF. You can also directly drag & drop files. The program supports batch conversion and allows you capture images.

Step2: choose the output format

Click the “format” and choose the “Multi-track Video -> Multi-track Apple ProPres 422(*.mov)” files as the output format.

Step3: Set multi-task settings

Click “settings” to preserve multiple audio tracks in original MXF. The screenshot shows 4 tracks of audio. If your source MXF with 8 tracks, you will get 8 channels here. If you don’t want to keep all audio tracks, you can uncheck undesired ones. And you also can mix multi-audio tracks into individual track.

Tip: The system default like the video frame rate as 23.976fps or video size as 1920*1080 is to keep the best quality for editing in Final Cut Pro. You can also customize bitrate, frame rate, sample rate and audio channel as you need.

Step4: Transcode MXF files into multiple track MOV

Click “Start Conversion” icon, TransMXF Pro for Mac will convert MXF to MOV with 8 channels audio tracks preserved. You can preview output file when conversion completed.

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